Health Insurance with Evacuation cover

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June 12, 2017
January 24, 2018

Health Insurance with evacuation cover, available for individual, familiy or group (under company’s name). For more question or further information, please email to: or WA +62 816 472 6413

An Internasional Plan with some benefit options:

  1. In-Patient treatment and Emergency Evacuation
  2. In-Patient, Out-Patient and Emergency Evacuation
  3. In-Patient, Out-Patient, Chronic Condition and Emergency Evacuation
  4. In-Patient, Out-Patient, Chronic Condition, Pregnancy, Dental and Emergency Evacuation


Highlighted benefits and services:

–  Worldwide cover excluding or including USA Elective Treatment

–  Emergency and Accident covered in USA

–  Emergency medical evacuation

–  Guaranteed Renewable

–  Global Transferability

–  Dangerous Sport coverage

–  Congenital Condition

–  Passive Terrorism cover


Other benefits:

–  24 Hours Medical Assistance

–  Evacuation Assistance

–  Direct Billing for Hospitalization to any hospital around the world

–  Cashless facility for the Out Patient Treatment in Clinic Providers in Asia Pacific Countries

–  Local Sales Office

–  E-claims services (claim submission through email and online claim tools)

–  Settlement claims in any currency

–  Submission claims up to 6 months

–  Online member portal for members