Home Insurance Bali

June 10, 2017
Health Insurance with Evacuation cover
August 31, 2017

Home Insurance Bali

Protect your most valuable assest with a reputable Insurance company. Contact Mr. Suwito WA +62 816 472 6413 or email to info@aic-indonesia.com

Home Insurance Bali package will offer the following coverage:
– Fire, Lightning, Exposion, Smoke and Aircraft Damage
– Flood, Windstorm, Water Damage,
– Strike, Riots, Malicious Damage
– Landslide and landslip
– Burglary
– Personal Liability

For more details please contact us now with some basic information:
– Insured name:
– Risk Location address:
– Sum Insured Building
– Sum insured contents (including machinery)
– Construction class (walls and roof material. More easy if you submit some photos)
– Surrounding area
– fire and security protection available on your home

For quick respond, please contact:
A+ Insurance Center Indonesia
WA +62 816 472 6413 or suwito@aic-indonesia.com
Email: info@aic-indonesia.com