January 24, 2018

EARTHQAKE INSURANCE BALI please contact Suwito Hp/WA 0816 472 6413 or email: or

The Earthquake Insurance policy’s awareness in Indonesia, specially in Lombok and Bali, has been increased recently due to Earthquake in Lombok.

To make sure your valuable property is insured against Earthquake (Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami), you need also to take Fire or All Risks Insurance Policy. Earthquake Insurance policy is not available as individual/stand alone policy. It must be accompanied by Fire or All Risks Insurance policy.

The Earthquake Insurance rating and deductible, has been standarized by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), based on the risk location area.

For fast, easy and free quote, please contact EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE BALI Suwito Hp/WA 0816 472 6413 or email or with the following information:

  1. Insured Name:
  2. Risk Location Address:
  3. Occupancy (Usage of the property): ie. private villa/rented villa/shop/cafe etc.
  4. Surrounding Area (front, back, left and right of the property)
  5. Sum Insured Building (Cost to rebuild the same quality building, exclude land cost)
  6. Sum Insured Contents and Machinery (including electronic equipment) exclude Money, jewelry, arts/antiques
  7. Some pictures of the property (from outside, shown the roof material as well), and general outside and inside photos.
  8. Claim/loss history, if any