Travel Insurance

With Travel Insurance, you can travel more and less worry should there’s any unfortunate accident happens during your overseas or domestic travel.

This policy available only for Indonesia resident (WNI or Foreign with KITAS)

For you who are frequent flier, either Domestic or/and International, we suggest you to take Annual Travel Insurance which will cover you the whole year, no matter how many times you travel during that year.

For occasional traveler, you may take short period Travel Insurance Covers.

General covers for Travel Insurance (details cover and exclusion refer to policy wording):

  • Loss of Deposit (due to cancel or postpone trip)
  • Medical Expenses (due to accident/Sickness. Exclude pre-existing conditions)
  • Evacuation or Repatriation cost
  • Personal Liability
  • Inconvenience benefit, due to flight/baggage delay
  • Baggage Lost or Damage
  • And other small gimmick (free) coverage

Premium calculation will depend on the following factors:

  1. Type of Trip : Domestic or International
  2. Destination Country/Region
  3. Length of travel (from Departure Date to Arrival Date/back to Indonesia)
  4. Plan: Individual or Family. Family consist of Parents and children under 18 years old
  5. Limit of Claim benefits (depends on Package chosen)

Information Needed:

To speed up the process, we can give you quick calculation with the following information:

  1. Insured Name and Date of Birth of all participants
  2. Destination
  3. Departure Date
  4. Arrival Date in Indonesia


Please Email the above information to: and we’ll get back to you with options shortly.

Additional info needed to issue policies beside the above:

  1. Copy Passport/KITAS for all participants
  2. Contact Details (Address, telephone, email)
  3. Emergency contact details (Family in Indonesia)

This policy is non-cancellation, non-refundable. Payment proof required before policy issued.

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